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By using natural, sustainable raw materials, Borregaard produces advanced, environmentally friendly biochemicals, biomaterials and bioethanol that replace oil-based products.

At Borregaard, we believe in true sustainability. By combining sustainable raw materials, green energy, unique knowledge and understanding, as well as a high rate of product innovation, we achieve environmentally friendly alternatives that compete with other cutting edge products, and offer a greener carbon footprint. Borregaard operates one of the world’s most advanced biorefineries, relying on raw materials that meet strict environmental and sustainability criteria. Borregaard purchases more than 1 million solid cubic metres of wood per year, from forests that are managed in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner, and run in accordance with laws on felling in the country of origin. In 2014, 86% of wood came from Norwegian forests, while the remaining 14% came from Swedish forests.