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BioKeram helps enhance the propperties of technical ceramics. By providing better workability, our products improve the qualities of the final product whether it is ceramic prieces for technology, 3D printing, etc.

Furthermore, adding a drop of BioKeram allows you to improve strength and conductivity in ceramic proppants, whilst improving performance and reducing energy costs.

BioKeram increases the agglomeration speed in ceramic proppants, whilst reducing water and energy required in the process. Ceramic proppants containing BioKeram are durable, thermal resistant and uniform in size and shape, minimizing degradation and improving dry/green crushing strength, as well as maximizing frac porosity, permeability and conductivity.


  • Improved dry/green crushing strength minimizing crushing
  • Thermal resistant, minimizing degradation
  • Uniform size and shape, improving conductivity and throughput
  • Reduced fines recycling rate in granulation process



  • Increase speed of agglomeration
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Reduced water usage
  • Improved performance